Top 10 Recomended apps!!!   1. Air Tycoon $3.99   2. FB Focus $0.00   3. Ifooty $0.00   4.Moxier World $0.00   5. Ice Tv $0.00   6. eBuddy $0.00   7. Marquee $1.19   8. Google Earth $0.00   9. Paper Toss   10. Xe Currency

December 3, 2009

Air Tycoon

Name: Air Tycoon
Made by: Tradegame Labs
Type: Simulation
Price: Full Version $3.99/Lite Version $0.00
Rating: ****

This game puts you in the feet of a businessman looking to rule the aviation world.

You start the game by choosing what name you want to call your company. The you can choose out of free play were you can play as long as you like, 10 years were you get ten years to be at the top of the other four companies. Or price were you choose when you get to a certain amount of money the game finishes.

The you choose which of the 53 Airports you would like to be your main hub and your off. You can buy planes,make roots, and control neerly every aspect of the company.

When you get to a certain amount of money you can buy other companies out. But it is a bit dissapointing as once you buy them all out there ain't nothing else to do.

This game needs some certain things like more airports, more companies and the option to make your own company logo.

All in all this is a great app.

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