Top 10 Recomended apps!!!   1. Air Tycoon $3.99   2. FB Focus $0.00   3. Ifooty $0.00   4.Moxier World $0.00   5. Ice Tv $0.00   6. eBuddy $0.00   7. Marquee $1.19   8. Google Earth $0.00   9. Paper Toss   10. Xe Currency

December 7, 2009


Name: eBuddy
Made by: eBuddy
Type: Communication
Price: Full Version $5.99/Regular Version $0.00
Rating: ***

This is definitely the no1 app for people that love to communicate with there friends and BUDDY'S. This app Supports MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM Chat, GTalk, Facebook Chat, ICQ and Myspace Chat.

This app just like msn shows you who is online, offline, Busy and so on. You can also change your status to either Online, Busy, Away, Be Right Back, On the Phone, Out To Lunch and Appear Offline.

You can also change your message to what ever you want it to be and also change your name.

In the Msn chat you can also be able to talk to your friends in a group chat and buzz your friends if they are not responding. Also your able to add smileys.

In The full version your able to change your photo, Get push notifications, Send Pictures and also soon you will be able to put the screen in a landscape mode.

If you like to connect to your friends this is definitely the app for you i give this app three stars.

December 3, 2009


Name: Marquee
Made by: Yodel Code
Type: Miscellaneous
Price: Full Version $1.19/Lite Version $0.00
Rating: ****

This handy app is great for writing things down and showing your friends as you can write your own custom text.

This app is good because it allows you to put down the date and the time and have that going accross your full screen. So you can put that in the corner of your room and always no the time and date.

This app also allows you to add pictures into the app so you can write text then have a photo about that thing. You can also add smilies.

It also allows you to customize the text and the background color, Font, Speed and add special affects. And you can Email the Marquee to your friends. Also you can change the width between the letters and change the text size.

The last time i used this app is when i was with my family and we were at a cafe and it was so full that we had to sit on the other side of a window so we used this to comunicate.

I think this is a great app i will give it four stars.

Air Tycoon

Name: Air Tycoon
Made by: Tradegame Labs
Type: Simulation
Price: Full Version $3.99/Lite Version $0.00
Rating: ****

This game puts you in the feet of a businessman looking to rule the aviation world.

You start the game by choosing what name you want to call your company. The you can choose out of free play were you can play as long as you like, 10 years were you get ten years to be at the top of the other four companies. Or price were you choose when you get to a certain amount of money the game finishes.

The you choose which of the 53 Airports you would like to be your main hub and your off. You can buy planes,make roots, and control neerly every aspect of the company.

When you get to a certain amount of money you can buy other companies out. But it is a bit dissapointing as once you buy them all out there ain't nothing else to do.

This game needs some certain things like more airports, more companies and the option to make your own company logo.

All in all this is a great app.

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